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Maryland boy adopted through Global Adoption ServicesAs a licensed nonprofit adoption agency Global Adoption Services, Inc. (Global) provides home study only services for families in the state of Maryland who are working with a placing agency in another state or with an attorney for their adoption.  Many prospective adoptive parents wonder and worry about the home study.  Understanding what a home study is (and isn’t) and partnering with your social worker can help decrease your questions and concerns.  Global will coordinate your home study quickly and professionally so you can get started on your adoption journey as soon as possible. Call to speak with us about your home study or email us request more information.

What is a Home Study?

The adoption home study is a detailed written report about your family, and it is compiled and prepared by a licensed social worker.  The adoption home study process requires the prospective adoptive family to gather different documents, answer several questions, and explore their reasons for adopting. Through a series of visits and interviews (some in your home), the social worker can get a complete picture of who you are and what life is like in your family. The interviews will involve the prospective parents (both individually and as a couple), individual interviews with any children and adults living in the home and individual interviews with at least three references (face to face or by telephone).  The adoption home study is a part of the decision making process for both the prospective family and the adoption professionals partnering with the family. Not only does the adoption home study process help the social worker recommend the placement of a child into your home who would best fit into your family, but the process also helps the family and the worker decide if now is a good time for your family to adopt.

Child adopted through Global Adoption ServicesHow long will the home study process take?

The time it takes to conduct the home study will vary but will usually take less than 60 days to complete, after all required documents are gathered and submitted to the social worker. You can help speed up the process by gathering the required documents immediately.

How much does a Home Study cost?

The cost of the home study depends on what kind of adoption you are pursuing. Our fees are competitive and based on what is typical for your area.  Please contact an adoption specialist for more information.

What might disqualify a family from adopting?

A serious criminal record, a negative child abuse clearance, any overriding safety concerns or concerns regarding a family’s ability to provide for an adoptive child would preclude the social worker from approving your family under the State of Maryland laws.

How do I start?

Since the home study is often the lengthiest step while getting ready to adopt, we recommend that you begin the process as soon as possible.  Call or email to get an application and a home study packet.  Remember, collecting documents for a home study can be time consuming.  Items such as birth certificates and marriage licenses can be difficult to obtain but are required in original form to confirm your identity; background checks are required to review any criminal records, as well, and may be needed from many different states or countries depending on your state of residence and your choices regarding domestic or international adoption.

Russian boy adopted 2012 through Global Adoption ServicesFor more information

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