Haiti Project

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We feel strongly that children are the future of the Global Community. There is a saying written by Fredrick Douglas:  

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

We must continue to remind children everywhere that we care about them and care about their future.

In February 2013 we were part of a trip to Haiti to assist with earthquake reconstruction and were struck by how many places remain heavily damaged or unusable. We remained friends with our translator and arranged through him to make a return trip in March 2014.  Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and during the second trip, we began planning two programs that we believed would provide real and lasting relief for the children in the small rural village of Desarmes.

School Tuition

Haitian children attending schoolStatically, only 50% of Haitians are considered literate, and only 2% are able to complete high school.  We have been able to find sponsors for 20 children to attend school so far, and 6 of our kids are in high/middle school.  In the rural area we serve, there is no access to public education, but there is a parochial school available to the local children.  The tuition is $30 per month and the school year is 9 months long.  We send funds by the quarter (3 months at a time).  We currently have 20 students sponsored ages in the grades K through 8th grade. The photo of the group shows the children who are currently sponsored by Global. Tuition money is paid directly to the school and they provide us with receipts and copies of the children’s report cards.  We also try to provide our school kids with a backpack ($10 bought in Haiti) and sandals ($2.50 for smaller sizes and $5.00 for larger sizes).  Any additional money collected goes toward notebooks, pencils and so on.  We are able to get letters back and forth on a limited basis. We have created a Go Fund Me site to help us achieve this goal.

Children's Center

Children's Center in HaitiThere is a great need in this rural community to provide services to children at risk.  If a family is homeless, or otherwise unable to care for their children, those children are at risk of becoming restavek kids--child slaves.  One reference among many to this problem can be found here.  We have located a building (pictured) that would house 20 to 25 children in a residential program and be open for after-school programs that would include homework assistance and some recreational activities.  We have estimated the cost to furnish the building and complete needed repairs at around $10,000.  We have a list of what would be needed and the cost of each item which we would be happy to share.

We have a Go Fund Me site to use for the Children’s Center.  For a tax deductible letter of receipt, donation should be sent directly to Global Adoption Services, Inc. with “Haiti Project” in the memo section and mailed to us at Global Adoption Services, Inc., 2046 Rushmore Court, Bel Air MD 21015. Thus far, 100% of all funds we have been able to collect have gone directly to support tuition and our other humanitarian relief projects in Desarmes.

Global does not have an adoption program from Haiti at this time.  We support only humanitarian projects in partnership with Fallston United Methodist Church www.fallstonumc.org.